The GDC regularly runs several events throughout the school year:

  • Saturday Night Gaming

    • When: Every Saturday, 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM.
    • Where: Bottom floor of the Campus Center (usually in the Taylor Room.)
    • Info: Play a random assortment of games from the GDC's extensive collection, including Rock Band, DDR, Smash Bros, etc...

  • NSO Game Night

    • When: Usually on Tuesday during New Student Orientation, from 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM.
    • Where: Takes place in the whole upper floor of the Campus Center.
    • Info: This is an event where all the WPI community (especially the incoming freshmen) are invited to come and play games all night. We have a great variety of consoles to play on and tournaments to join. Bring your DS, PSP, or other handheld device to challenge friends for a quick match. Play cutting-edge or older's up to you!

  • Costume! Dance! Party!

    • When: Usually on or extremely close to Halloween (October 31st.)
    • Where: Campus Center, Odeum
    • Info: More to come.

  • Game Jam

    • When: Once per academic term. Time and date announced via advertising and e-mail.
    • Where: IMGD Lab, Fuller Laboratories, Room 222
    • Info: GDC Game Jam Website

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