Q: How do I contact the GDC Development team?
A: Send an email to gdc-development@wpi.edu or come to a General Assembly meeting.

Q: Do I need prior experience to get involved in GDC development?
A: Not at all. In fact, many of our members joined the GDC having little to no experience in development. On the artistic side, some prior art experience helps, but many members and executives of the club are more than willing to assist anyone who needs help with Photoshop, Maya, or any other creative application. We do have one requirement though. To join, you must have a strong passion for games, the will to learn and get involved, as well as a sense of humor :)

Q: I have an idea for a game I'd like to make, but need more team members to make it. Where should I look for eager developers?
A: At our General Assemblies (held at least once a term) members are encouraged to 'pitch' ideas to the club to try to get interested developers to join a team. Come show off your current work in progress or idea and try to publicize your project. In addition, GDC executives will be starting development teams for members to join if they so choose.

Q: What kind of development tools can the GDC provide?
A: We have many development-related resources for general use. We have a library of books and a large backlog of game development magazines. In addition, GDC/WPI provides access to the Unreal 2004 engine, GameMaker, Torque 2d, and the C4 Game Engine. Check the resources page for more information on the aforementioned topics.

Q: I'm stuck at a certain stage in my development. What should I do?
A: The GDC forums are a great place to network with other game developers and like-minded uber-geniuses like yourself. If you get stuck with a certain engine or art pipeline, let us know. Someone very well may know the answer, and if not, one of us might be crazy enough to find out.

Q: So I'm working on a game. Once I finish, will anyone even get to see my hard work?
A: Definitely. Projects completed within the GDC will be shown on the main GDC site, on our projects server. We can provide full web hosting for any completed project or work in progress with a website. In addition, completed projects are shown at the annual IMGD Showfest, where professors, the public, and some industry representatives show up to play the latest IMGD and GDC projects.

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